Hi guys,

I've been playing guitar for years, and I'm getting into writing but I have absolutely no knowledge of recording or recording equipment, and I'm not sure what equipment to get. I mainly want to record guitar and vocals, but it would be good if I could get some percussion in there too, so I suppose I want some good all rounders. What sort of microphone and interface should I go for? Ideally I was looking to spend no more than £100

Thanks in advance


I was looking at these two...



...am I on the right lines?
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For 100 pounds, you're not gonna get anything really great. As such, if you're just looking to get that level of quality, try the mic that comes with Rockband, it's just a USB mic by Logitech.
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For what you're planning on doing, those should work, yeah. Behringer stuff tends to be pretty substandard, though, so only get it if you're looking for doing simple and low quality recording. Otherwise, you'll be better off saving up more.
Well if you save a little more you can get a Shure SM-57 $99.99

And a Peavey PV6 USB Mixer / Interface $119.99 (really nice unit for home recording and it's true plug and play)


A M-Audio USB Mic comes with Pro Tools 8 (not a bad mic records good for the price )
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Well if you save a little more you can get a Shure SM-57 $99.99


Just get a cheap USB condenser. There's a USB version of that Behringer C-1 for about £40, that would be perfect if you want to save money and still have good quality.
If you get into recording in the future you can get an interface by all means, but a USB mic is a really cheap and simple way to get going.