I am thinking of getting the Ampkit+ App for the IPhone. I plan on getting a marshall cabinet and head along with it. Currently i use a peavey vypyr75 watt but it clips at its louder volumes and is unreliable at gigs. The reason i plan on using Ampkit is because it has loads of effects and pedals (peavey). And i rather not spend hundreds of dollars on multiple pedals. If anyone could help me im wondering if the quality of playing through my ipod to the amp will be good? Thanks \m/(^o^)\m/ btw i mainly play metal
god no. a lot of the apps on it are pretty neat, but no, the ipod is not a serious musicians tool. Its great in a pinch, and Apps like that are alright to an extent if you want to record home demos for example, but If you are playing live with it it will be unreliable as all hell, and the sound quality will not be great. There might be no feedback, but i dont imagine the tone would be very good. plus i dont imagine stomping on an ipod will be the best way of changing patches.
True, a lot of equipment is overpriced, but a lot of it is expensive because it is of excellent quality. You really cant scrimp out when it comes to tone. and digital one-stop-shops and multieffects just simply arent as good as getting individual pedals that you know sounds good. They are ok, they just disappoint. I mean, Guitar rig for example costs about 300 pounds sterling, and even that isnt great. If you like bad, harsh digital distortion and cheap sounding effects because thats what you are going for, then by all means use them, but otherwise you might end up very disappointed if you don't put a little more searching time into the equipment you choose.

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Don't do this. At all. Get a POD. Life will be swell.
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Save some money and get a multiple FX unit if you want a lot of stuff to play around with. I find it fun to build a board through trying various pedals and working my way up to having all the stuff available in a multi-FX unit. Rome wasn't built in a day.
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