So I recently started learning how to sing, with SBGalt, I followed his youtube series for a few weeks then bought his dvd and have been doing an hour a day for the past month or so. I want to get some peoples opinions on what I should really focus on to further improve my voice, I know I am not good but thats why I am here, to learn please critique. I sang letter from a thief by chevelle, heres the link.

I think maybe give it a little more energy and it'll "feel" better, you know? Also, my singing isn't very good without playing guitar too, so give that a go maybe?
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So kind of act as if I'm playing a show? Give it everything I've got? And I am in the process of learning to play and sing haha but thats my final goal, people like Ben Burnley and Pete Loefler are like personal heroes to me and they are frontmen of their band, its what my long term goal is Thanks for the input, anyone else? Do I sound pitchy or off key? or anything, I need all the advice I can get
I get what you're trying to give me, but you're not selling it, get me? Make us believe you.
And playing with the guitar will help you with the key issues. Without it (or a backing track of some kind) you're sort of flying blind, with is making it tougher. Especially if you're new to singing.
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Ok, also, how loud should I be singing? I feel like the louder I sing the better it sounds and the more energy I can put into it. And I will try to play it with guitar next
Maybe Watch an acoustic cover to figure out how loud to sing. Catch yourself if you just start screaming though, you don't want that. Keep it under control, you don't want to try to sing louder than you're able to or you'll sound horrible. But as you progress, I suggest learning to go louder and louder. Personally, I have much more control of my voice the louder I am.
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Yea I noticed I have a lot more control of my voice the louder I get, but not to the point that I am screaming every word, thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.
I agree with BurningTurkey! You give a clear idea of what you want us to hear, just give it more energy. I find this with alot of new people, it takes a while to be able to capture the energy of live performances in a recording. Just keep working at it though! Followed you on SoundCloud.
yeah i agree with the above posters. you have the range to make this work... you sound like you're singing on the toilit or something though. GIVE IT LIFE!
I disagree with everybody else. There's a real problem here.

Your fundamentals aren't very good. You have some trouble staying on pitch. Your breath control is uneven. You phrasing is choppy.

And the reason why is that you're more worried about sounding like the guy from the record than you are with singing accurately. You're trying to copy the details of his performance - the breathy voice, the slurred words, etc ...

... and all that stuff is getting in the way of the singing.

It's like somebody built a house, and you like the house so you're trying to build the same one not by looking at the blueprints and seeing where you need to put load bearing walls and support beams, but rather by putting the windows in the same place and trying to match the paint color.

It's not going to work.

You need to practice singing stuff that's going to keep the focus on the fundamentals. Learn how to build a house before you worry about painting it.

(Also, bear in mind, that he sounds the way he sounds partially because they are processing the f**k out of his voice. Yes, he can whisper-sing and stay on pitch, and he can slur between tones with more control than you can, but I can guarantee you that he sounded very different if you were in the studio with him).

So I don't mean to be discouraging because I don't see any reason why you can't get to where he is eventually, but you're putting the cart before the horse and need to really work on your fundamentals.