Hi All,

I found this listing from rockystreetsounds which looks like is authorized dealer on Jackson site.

I play Satriani, Dream Theater and the likes.



Wondering why this is so cheap as compared to musicians friend/GC where it's $750.


If ebay is legit then great because I would like to invest in Original Floyd rose but confused between the nuts R2/R3.



On a scale of 1-10 ..how easy it would be fit OFR in DK2 without any special tools or know how.

I read one review on MF

Unfortunately an Original Floyd Rose made in Germany will not fit this guitar without routing showing and further routing to make it fit.

But this says otherwise..


If you have any other recommendation(DKMG/d2km) then please do suggest

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An OFR is a drop in for the dinky, I'm pretty sure the nut that is needed is an R4 though.
Yes it's legit. Street sounds is an authorized Jackson dealer. Do a search here for brooklyn and they will appear.

You'll definitely need an R4 nut also, I put one on my dinky just this morning.
Oh good to know. From where did you buy the OFR from? Can I contact you further to know the detailed steps?

Would you recommend dk2 or dkmg?

Also why does the guitar cost so less on ebay when it's $750 on GC/MF.
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