hey guys.. im having trouble finding which set of strings are the best for me and that actually last more than a month. im currently using elixir nanoweb 10-52. i had the polyweb before but they stop making them i think, and they were really good. lasted for ages. but the problem with the nanoweb is that my 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings rust out in like a week and become very painful to play with. so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i play metal and at least play once or twice a day.
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which set of strings are the best for me

No one will know but you.
I use Ernie Balls. It's what I have found to be the best strings for me. They might not be the best for you. The first 2 years of my playing, I tried almost every string brand out there, till I found what I liked.
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yer true.. its just i sweat a lot when playing so i need strings that have like a coating and shit.
I use elixer blue package 10s for my electric and i think purple package 11s for my acoustic. They last quite a while for me, but I dont play them with dirty hands much.
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I have never had my elixers rust on me. I had them on my guitar for 6 months at one point.
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Make sure to wash your hands and then clean the strings when you are done playing. Esp if your hands sweat a lot.