Ive went from 5150s and the like to just needing a high quality studio amp.

Which amp which i can drive at very low levels is the best quality?

I play jazz to metal
Get a Fender Blues Junior or Vox AC15 for cleans then something else for metal (I have no idea because I don't play metal)
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Ashdown Fallen Angel 60DSP
Fender Blues Junior
Ashton MPA100
Hughes & Kettner Tubermeister 18.

It's got amazing cleans.
Has the RedBox built in.
Pretty high gain, although it might need a boost for modern metal.
Takes pedals very well.
2 channel, foot-switchable.
Can plug straight into a PA/ recording desk.
Head and cab or combo.
Built in attenuator for 1, 5 or 18 watts.

Definitely worth checking out. I have one. Granted, I don't use it much as I have my Marshall, but it's a fantastic amp.
vox night train.

can do metal and cleans fairly well.
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Any amp through Pritchard Amps... you can turn it down so low you can barely hear it, and crank it incredibly loud (180 watts peak distorted power). It has various voicings, so you can make it sound like a Fender, Marshall, Vox, Boogie (these are analog voicings and not digitial modeling). It comes with a ton of features, including a patented tunnel back where you can mic it (besides micing it from the front), to get crisp and clear lows... nothing muddy about his amps. Having gone through tons of tubes and SS over the years, this is the best amp I have ever used.