I would like to start a Stiletto thread, since there are some other dedicated amp threads, and it would be nice to be able to discuss issues with other stiletto users, as opposed to people who don't actually have any experience with the amp.

I am currently using a Mesa Stiletto Ace 1X12 (planning on upgrading to a Deuce eventually, when money, space, and volume limits allow) with an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top (I can't make up my mind what guitar I should upgrade to, and I don't have the money to anyway, so I'll just wait it out).

Is there anyone else out there using the Stiletto for metal? Obviously its not a dual rec, its not supposed to be, but I think it still has major potential, especially when it comes to solo tone, which I'm most interested in. I have not had the chance to play in a space where the amp can actually breath (i.e. large/larger venue or anything where the sound waves won't bounce off the walls and slap me in the face above 2-3 for the channel volume.) I've been stuck using only the fluid drive channel because my LP's pickups are pretty weak (I've considered throwing in some EMG's, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll use this guitar. I'm also looking into OD's to give me a boost.)
Settings: Gain 7, Treble 3-4, Mid 5, Bass 7, Presence 3-7 (depending on what I'm going for)

I do like the fluid drive, but I suspect its really far more gain than I need, and if I cranked up the volume it would probably result in an early metallica chainsaw to the ear type tone. And also, like chainsaw era metallica, palm muting thud is pretty much non existant. (Don't get me wrong, I like metallica, but I find their "Kill 'Em All" era gain levels to be entirely excessive.) However, my pickups being what they are, I find that tite gain really just isn't enough drive, very little sustain, just kinda dry and hollow feeling/sounding. (Not the amps fault, just a general rig issue.)

I also play a bunch of blues, though I like to push the gain limits on that. I have found the tite clean to be very warm and pleasing to the ear, even with my crappy Sam's Club Starcaster. (I want to like the fat clean, but it just seems to go "BLAT!" whenever I play any kind of chord or even just pick slightly aggressively. Probably my guitars fault, but it is what it is.)
Settings: Gain 7, Treble 7, Mid 7, Bass 7, Presence 7

I'd love to hear from anyone else playing a stiletto; genres you play, your rig, favorite settings/sounds, and a general discussion of the amp.
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I don't own a Stiletto but when I played a Duece stage 2 last year it was god damn incredible. Just a super hot todded marshall but better
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