I'm looking to buy a secondhand Fender electric guitar, either a strat or squire. I'm on a tight budget because I'm a teen with not much income , so I was wondering what the lowest price I could expect is. I've seen some that look pretty good for about $100-$150 on Craigslist(Yes, I would look at and play the guitar before I bought it! ), but that seems a little low to me. Also, are there any major but not obvious signs of damage that a newbie might miss? And is there such a thing as a counterfeit brandname guitar? It happens with other stuff, but I don't know if it happens with guitars :P Thanks!

What you're looking for is called a MIM (made in mexico) Strat or Tele.
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Thanks! That's what I'll look for !
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alot of "fenders" in that price range are squires that are posted as "fender squire" guitars by people who don't really realize that there's a difference.
for $250-$275 you can find a decent MIM strat. avoid squier with that budget. they aren't necessarily bad guitars, its just that the MIM's a much nicer. IMO. i have a Squier Affinity in MN and an MIM here.

go MIM.
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alot of "fenders" in that price range are squires that are posted as "fender squire" guitars by people who don't really realize that there's a difference.

This man speaks the truth.
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yeah i would also stay away from squiers and go with the mexican standards. some of the issues that you were asking about that i've seen on squiers especially are things like unshaven frets, that's pretty popular with cheap gtrs, and they use POS everything, if you're not exactly a beginner then there's no need to even consider a squier
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
There's no shame in starting out with a squier. You can get one for $50 off craigslist. If you've never played, you probly aren't sure what you really want anyways, go cheap and upgrade as you learn.
I bought a Yamaha Pacifica 112 in used but perfect condition from ebay for really cheap I think it was £60-70 and it came with an amp ( I sold the amp and made £20 back!!).

I am really happy with my purchase and the best thing is I know that when I have finished with it I will have no problem selling it on to someone else for a similar price and making my money back!!
Check craigslist, ever now and then you can luck up and find a mim strat for around $150
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