Not bad at all for a first recording. You're singing voice has a lot of potential as long as you keep working on it. It's already good but it could be very, very good with some honing. The lyrics to your music are also very nice. The only real crit is the the repetitive nature of the form of the music. However, I'm the king of repetativeness, so that is not really a crit. Repetative can be very good when it is done correctly. Anyway, if you keep honing your abilities you have some great potential. On a side note - you need to make your bed.
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First, I would like to say that if you are serious about recording you need to get dedicated audio hardware. But that said, if you're just messing around, what you've done sounds alright.

Your voice definitely suits the acoustic but I you would benefit from more dynamics in your music as the piece was largely the same as the poster above says. Additionally, I would practice with a metronome to keep a steady, more constant beat.

All in all, it's not bad man! You wanted honesty so i'm trying to give you helpful critcism.

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Not bad like philm00r said your voice has potential you just need some practice and there should be more confidence in it, though I guess it will come together with the experience, your guitar playing needs some work too, but overall your song was enjoyable. As for the quality of the recording you could use some denoiser or something like that, e.g. in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 there are some options which can help you clean the audio track a little bit, you can always use some more professional software like Cubase or some other DAW, but I guess you don't need that for now, but you might in the future, if you want to make music. So, don't give up, practice all the time and take care

you have a nice voice and good lyrical ideas but I couldn't really hear what was going on with the guitar most of the time. I would try to find a way to either play the notes louder or mic the guitar and vocals separately. maybe try to add some chords in there that aren't palm muted to add variety to the song? sounds really cool so far, keep it up!
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