so i played at a school talent show recently. i didn't win first (i won third) but it was enough to get me into the city talent show.

even though i think the music was good (while there is always room for improvement) i think the "show" part of the talent show rather than the "talent" part was what held us back

i don't have time to write and rehearse another song since the state show is in 3 days but i think we might be able to choreograph something by that time.
how can we "wow" the audience more. how can we put emphasis in the "show"?

here's a link to the talent show performance


any help would be greatly appreciated.
pretend there's a sniper trying to shoot you.
And maybe try to get some hot chicks in bikinis.
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the ending should have been a power chord leading into feedback or somthing like that
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You guys should stand a little closer together. there's alot of empty space between you guys and it looks a little strange like that. synchronized headbanging would be cool, and the rhythm guitarist needs to move around more.
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girls in bikini's would be nice too. especially if you snort a line across some tig ol bitties.
bawitaba a bang a bang diggy diggy diggy sed the boogie sed up jump the boogie
Definitely start closer together. Fall over and writhe violently on the floor. Learn to do flips? Maybe get a megaphone and yell something.

On a side note, I'd kill for your hair. The one on stage right.
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