Pevey Wolfgangs are nicer than the EVH brand ones. i own two Peaveys, and went back and forth quite a few times with the EVH, and Peavey was way nicer (new price level for new price level even though the peaveys aren't made any more.
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The wolfgang also has a VERY nice set of pickups that were made by DiMarzio. Very versatile instruments. Plus they just look so damn classy with their figured tops and birdseye maple fretboards.

Peavey all the way.

Unless you're looking for a stripped down rock machine, then I'd look for one of the older Kramers.
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Which of these two guitars that EVH has used, is the better one?

both and neither.

it depends on the actual guitar itself, not the model.

compare two actual guitars, the answer will be obvious to you.
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Which of these two guitars that EVH has used, is the better one?

They're both great guitars.
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