Here is a song that I wrote in my dorm room last night. Check it out! ANY feedback is appreciated.

Rhys held my arm that night and I’m glad that he did
Asked why I’d live a life I’m not happy with
Now, though, I fear that those words he had decreed
Didn’t reach your soul because your heart was uneasy

Your memories are ten feet tall
You’re hiding underneath them all
Your shaken and your wanting love
Don’t worry, child, we’ll find you some

You hold your breath at night and wait for him to change
We held our breathe at night and hoped you stay the same
You’ll wish for better days and later I think you’ll find
You were always on your way to a steady frame of mind

But petrified and scared to see
How alone “alone” can be
Is no means, now, of finding love
But don’t worry, child, we’ll give you some

I know you’re scared of wanting new
I see your thoughts more than you think I do
I know it’s not my place to scream
My judgments of things that I think I see
But lying with tears in your eyes
And claiming it’s a compromise
Is something you just can’t deceive
It’s nothing you were meant to be

It’s something you just can’t deceive
From everything you are to me

Keep your summer heart inside its open cage
Build your love around the love that still remains
Something beautiful is hiding in your dreams
You’ll be more in love than loneliness could be
Something beautiful is hiding in your dreams
Or someone beautiful is right in front of me
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