Im tossing up between some 7 strings,
Im begining to get in the petrucci models, cause they are very well reviewed. But that headstock!?!?

I have also been watch this years namm, cause you can always get some very nice new instruments. Im a huge metal fan, and i have fallen in love with the new corey beaulieu jackson, it screams metal, in all ways. But lets be honest jackson are quiet unreliable, the chris broderick was release one year ago, and it is still not in some music stores. And i cant wait another year, that why im considering not waiting.

could you please give me some insight into what i should do, or maybe some other well endowed 7 strings...

thank you all
Gather your thoughts, answer these questions, and update your OP. Then we can give you some real suggestions.

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why do you insist on getting a signature model?

for the price of a JP7 you could get a decent custom, or a top-of-the-line carvin with an intense pick-up swap. not that the JP7 isn't absolutely amazing, but there are a lot of options in that price range.
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Ive been looking through some customs, but cant really find a descent company, also my budget is 3000, i could prob stretch to 3500, I play all metal, Im not really fussed on pickups. I hope you guys can help now, im open to all suggestions.

thanks for all your help
solar 7!
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If you have the money for the JP7, it's really hard to beat it in terms of specs and tone. I'd go with that.
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