He follows coldy,
hid by the semblence of night,
the prey he stalks is just out of sight.
Always on step behind.

One day he will find it
One day he will find it all
But for now and ever
There's no chance at all

Behind the light he travels
for he cannot see
there is darkness forever
and forever it shall be

The light on the other side of the darkness is just out of reach.........


Basically some Poetry I just made up on the spot. I don't claim to be perfect, but I thought I should give it a go after a creative dry-spell.

Interpretations and your thoughts welcome.

Lithium Battery
I pick up the phone,
Then put it back down,
I pace around the room,
Wearing a frown.

Should I call him?
Or should I wai?
Maybe it's love?
Maybe it's fate?

He said he would call,
So why dosen't it ring,
My world is so silent,
I could hear angels sing.

Then all of a sudden it happens,
The phone jingles in its place,
I dash over to pick it up,
Like I am in an Olympic race.

I snatch up the phone,
And softly say "HI."
Then nobody answers,
And I start to cry.

I set the phone back down,
Just to hear it ring again.
I quickly snatch it back up.
I know it has to be him.

I say "Hello."
He whispers "My love,"
He is my angel,
Sent from above.

In my mind,
A picture of him appears,
He takes away my worries,
He takes away my fears.

He is my love,
He is my friend,
From now until forever,
Until the very end.

We finish our talk,
I put the phone down.
Now wearing a smile,
Instead of a frown.