Hi, recently bought a Whammy 4, but the seller didnt mention the fact that its got problems with it. Basically as i turn the dial, it selects the presets in a clockwise direction, whether i turn the dial clockwise or anticlockwise, meaning that if i miss the preset i want, i have to go through the entire cycle again to get to the one i want. (hope that makes sense!) This is probably a simple fix but im not experienced when it comes to fixing pedals.
Secondly, theres no tension at all in the pedal, its either on or off. Do i just tighten the screws?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Sounds like whomever you bought it from abused it. I'd get your money back.

The dial problem sounds like a bad/broken potentiometer (pot). Not sure how hard that would be to fix/replace honestly - I think it is digitally controlled maybe. It may not be a pot it may just be a switch. Either way - probably difficult.

Unfortunately, the answer is much the same for the expression pedal itself. Damn man get your money back. I did see on google that there are some mods to this pedal so maybe poke around in some of these places for more ideas.

try calibrating it and tightening the hinge.
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Thanks guys, i'll try and get my money back if i can, i dont fancy having to spend hours fixing the pot - but i will calibrate and tighten the screws to fix the tension if i have no luck getting my money back haha.