Hey guys, this is a song my band wrote in spring last year, we recorded the demo of at the same time we recorded some of our other demos (hence the reason the sound quality isnt great, as they were recorded in our friend's attic).

We're starting work on our debut EP soon, still making final decisions on what songs to include though (and we've got a few good ones that we havent made demos of yet) and i 'd really like to hear your opinions of Phoenix. You can listen to it (and our other stuff) here: http://www.facebook.com/majorityvoteband?sk=app_178091127385

P.S if your on fb, feel free to give us a like, we'll return the favour with your band.
Quality of the recording could be better, but it's nice song and it could be even better if it was recorded properly. How did you record that? You recorded every track separately or you recorded the whole song together? Cause if separately you should pan it, it's hard to listen something, when every instrument is in the center, I would work on guitar sound too, but I might get this impression because of the lack of the mix and general poor quality of the recording. I like your vocalist style of singing though, she has nice expression in her voice. Overall I like it, but you should record that properly

Cheers and if you have some time, you can check mine, although I'm not fully satisfied with that recording too: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1515506
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It seems like a good song, it actually sounds pretty legitimate. The quality could use some work, and it would sound a lot better with some wider panning. The vocals are very good, I was impressed. Overall the song writing is very good, and with a little better quality and tighter playing it will definitely be a sweet song.

And thanks for the crit
Agreeing with Michael87 there haha, the recording quality could use a bit of a kick. Otherwise, it's a solid song for the style you guys are playing. Just listened to it twice to be sure! Being a drummer myself, I'd recommend going for a harder beat at the beginning. The tom buildup was a little disappointing to be honest, as well as being a bit loose. I found the song lacking in a strong enough climax. Your guitarist's writing style is interesting though. The riffs are quite alternative/blues/grunge - which I'm assuming is the style you guys are going for. The vocals were a little bit boring, and could use more power (which I can hear she is capable of, but doesn't use all that often). If I were to recommend whether or not to put the song on your EP I would say save it for a B-Side. I personally don't think it compares to the likes of Sell Out and such. Then again, it may just be the quality of the recording that's holding the song back.

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me likey. ok so Sell Out. I know its a rough quality but i for the guitars iw ould try playing around with a straight distortion rather than the fuzzy sound you got going, or turn the second guitar up so it sounds more full. If it doesnt sound good then this is fine, i like the fuzz. The singing is great, but i feel like i want it to be more aggressive on the chorus haha. Other than that i like the song.
nice foo fighter shirt on the drums!!! i listened to sell out, reminds me of the grunge days with the guitar tone and bass line. i like it(on facebook too :p) your vocalist has a great voice.
you defintly need isolated tracks thought with the quality your working with and drums need indivdual micing, they sound very faint and like the above comment says turn up the other guitar!!!! all in all great composition imho!
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interested to how you did these recordings?
First off, the guitars seem way to fizzy, is the gain turned all the way up?
Overal the songs, of which I listen to all, was pretty solid.....though I thought one of them was gonna kick into Beautifu people when I heard the intro.
drummer seemed to be better on the live teaser than on the recordings.
Singer was good and the riffs are meaty and with the tone wil sound alot better and bigger.
is there 2 guitarists? Because I can't tell though the songs but photo says otherwise.
Sorry if there is loads of questions or if I've come over as a bit of a knob head.
I defo see this band growing into some big songs.
Thanks for the kind words guys, just to answer your questions, all our demos so far were recorded in our friend andy's attic for free (hence the bad sound quality) and our 2nd guitarist sam only joined in november, we recorded our demos in the summer of last year so the reason you cant hear a 2nd guitarist because there simply isnt one lol. Seriously thank you for checking out our stuff though, you've no idea how much i appreciate the positive feedback
Recording quality aside, this is pretty good. I'm not really digging the tone of the guitars, but the riffs themselves are cool. I think that's applies to the whole thing. The song itself is great, it's just the sound that brings it down. The quality is obviously not the best, but that's not a huge problem. The band sounds a bit disjointed. Maybe try recording together to make it sound much tighter. The quality won't be as good, but there isn't much quality here to sacrifice. This is a really good song, it'd be even better if the recording do it justice. I also love the singer's voice. The subtle harmonies are also a really nice touch. I'm currently listening to Phoenix. This song is also great, and the quality is less of a bother here. It seems slightly tighter, too. Really good stuff here

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1516016

EDIT: Wow, I just realized I crit the wrong song. I was listening to Sell Out, not Phoenix. Though I see another thread for Sell Out, so just pretend this belongs in there
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Intro drums sound good (no small accomplishment). Some of the audio quality could be better, but this is the best overall by far I've hear you guys do (audio-wise). Singing & vocal melodies are good. Guitar is dangerously close to too much distortion, but it still works (though I probably would have used a bit less). I think the single distorted guitar is fine for this song as it has kind of a 60's retro sound (though one of these days I'll talk you into double-tracking guitar). Good overall, I think your best overall I've heard. Please review my music at this link:

Hey, thanks for the cris on my page!

I don't feel like I've got much to add to all the crits you've already received, they seem to cover everything!

- Songwriting's good.
- Vocals are nice, you should definitely check out Siouxsie and the Banshees if you don't know them already!
- Recording is the main problem, it's pretty lo-fi, as you already know. Get some better ones done and it'll improve these no end!

But very promising, keep it up!
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