Hey guys, visited the distributor for Ibanez and Laney today to see all the new snax for 2012. Here's a video of pretty much everything worth seeing and a few reviews of some very nice new gear. Also good news for us Aussies, American RRP's and Australian RRP's are virtually matched on newer products (not taking into account street prices and margins) so good prices all round!


Ibanez Premium RG827QMZ 7 String - 0:01 Unreal guitars. Never really played many 7 strings and found them quite uncomfortable right off the bat, but these felt really natural and really nice. Huge fat sound, simple HSH pickup configuration. CAP pickups sound great and wouldn't need to swap them out for something else. Still got the 5 piece maple wizard neck, lovely quilted maple top and the edge zero II bridge. Overall a really nice guitar for the price.

Ibanez RG270 - 0:49 These are a re-release of the really popular sellers. For metal guys on a budget, younger players especially, these are a HSH configuration with a floyd rose. Basswood body, maple neck however they do have the ever unpopular edge III floyd system. Despite criticism, I couldn't get that thing out of tune so don't be scared by the negative reviews. These are a killer guitar for under $300!

Ibanez AKJ85 Archtop Acoustic - 2:18 This one in particular blew me away. For the lovers of the ES-137, this comes at a steal for under $800. Flamed maple top, back and sides, stunning finishes, HH configuartion, 3pc mahogany neck and stock strings being flatwound, this is an amazing jazz box. Smooth action, lovely rich sound and the looks just slayed me. No doubt I will have one of these in my hands in a few months when they're released officially.

Laney Ironheart 120 Head - 4:01 Now this is a new player to the metal amps and I'm sure a lot of you have heard about them. Main competitors being the 6505 and select ENGL models, this thing really roars. However on it's own, it really only nails the "chugga chugga" and for soloing it lacks quite a bit. The in inbuilt boost fuzzes and muddys the sound too much for use so an overdrive is a must to stick in front of it. The control knobs as well feel cheap and flimsy, but is a minor setback to a great sound for around the $1000 mark. Plenty of tone controls with push pull knobs to increase mids, bass boost and cuts. Built in reverb and a special feature exclusive to the 120, a built in attenuator. Ran it as quiet as I could without and still got some great distorted tones. Clean channel was nice, but nothing to run to hills with joy about. (Excuse the sound, caught on a video camera).

Overall, a very interesting line up this year with some wicked new additions. Unfortunately they didn't have the new Mikro guitars, but not to fear. As soon as they're in the country, I'll be on it
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