Hey everyone I'm new to this forum but was wondering what are some good bands that everyone likes to hear from these genre's or maybe a favorite bass player or bass riff from a song? My favorites are probably A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, and Underoath! I am the lead singer of a band called Our Only Hope and I feel that its fun to get out and hear what people like the most to help my band and others grow musically through new songs and music styles
This sounds too much like a "Hey, check out my band!!!" for my liking.
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This sounds too much like a "Hey, check out my band!!!" for my liking.

Yea... do you play bass and sing?

Also funnest bass lines is a thread that's open and covering much of the same thing.
Well guys I actually really want to try to stay away from the spamming, I just finished reading a marketing book about music and am trying to start using what I learned wisely to help my band for the future and now find a bassist... I am really sorry if you think this is spam or that I just want to promote my band, honestly no I do not play bass but the fact of meeting and getting to know people of all different types of music and instruments is interesting to me and my hopes in doing this was to find and meet people of these genre's, make friends, and eventually possibly run into someone I could ask for help in pursuing a full time bass player... I am sorry if I have waisted your time
Oh and thanks @Deliriumbassist I looked up and watched the video for Bland Street Bloom, never heard of them thanks. Liked most of the song just got a little weird to me at the bridge haha
I'll play...

Metalcore - I was THERE, man. I was IN the shizz in the 90's, playing with bands like Converge, Botch, Curlupanddie, Combatwoundedveteran, Reversal of Man, Cave In, Turmoil, Zao (one of my basses belonged to one of their bassists), Undying, Training For Utopia and Undertow. I was more on the crusty punk side of the metalcore genre, but it was fun. Around 2002, some douche in California found an At The Gates CD and Metalcore as i knew it, turned into "Swedish Death Metal with Breakdowns". No bueno. As far as these all went with bassists... the more 90's influenced metalcore had MUCH more of a punk influence. Hence, the bass playing was more pronounced and Dynamic.... look at Nate Newton from Converge. Great tone, and very pronounced. As "Metalcore" became more about bands like As I Lay Dying and Lutakris...er...Norma Jean, they became more or less a bruu-bruu emphasis on the siq low end. But in that, they lost a lot of good bass PLAYING.

Post-Rock - I was ALSO there, man!! Post-rock is to metalcore as a butterfly is to a caterpillar. It's the natural progression. How many hardcore bands found a delay pedal and Explosions in the Sky album and became part of yet another "overdone by the time they found it" genre. Around the time As I Lay Dying released "Frail World Collapse", another band with an already long history was about to drop a game-changer. That band; Neurosis. That album; "The Eye of Every Storm." Pretty much, my band, and all the rest of us that played what USE to be called "Metalcore" started following Neurosis and a new band, by the name of Isis... thus, the now-a-days crazy overdone "Neurisis-core" was born. But shoot... post-rock had already been around forever and a day... pretty much starting with the band, Slint and the un****withable ablbum, "Spiderland". Then with bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor... the term "Post-Rock", like any label is so broad and overused, it's pretty feudal to try and define it. This genre in general, though, is a bit more bass-friendly. Specifically, regarding the use of effects. In post-rock, bassists are usually invited to experiment and contribute more to a bands overALL soundscape. I, personally, love what Brian Cook does (Botch/Russian Circles/These Arms are Snakes).

Pop-Punk - Woah!! Who was also there? This bro. Man, back when i was playing crust punk/powerviolence/hardcore shows, i got hella ripped on for being into pop-ANYTHING. Personally, i was more into the Twee-pop/Noise-pop/Dream-pop stuff. Pop-PUNK, was more for stupid frat boys. My exception was more the Bubble-gum side of pop-punk (The Queers, Screeching Weasel, The Beatnick Termites). Like anything else, Pop-punk came to describe a VERY wide diversity of styles. But, unlike Metal-core and post-rock, which at almost 30 years old i can not stand ANY iteration of either, pop-anything is pretty much all i do. On the pop-PUNK side, i prefer the bands made up of dude(tte)s i can relate to: The Ergs!, Latterman, RVIVR, House Boat, Dear Landlord, Mixtapes, Teenage Bottlerocket... i can list names forever. As far as bassists go, i like bassists that do something different... listen to The Ergs!, The Descendents, or The Potatomen... busier basslines (w/out a pick - fingers only... like a baus) that still carry the song forward. Also... i never could stand any of that Fat-Wreck stuff... Rancid, Bad Religion, NOFX, Pennywise.... h8'd it all :p

TL;DR - No matter what genre, bassists are good (IMHO) if they:
1) Contribute to the band as a whole
2) Don't just follow the rhythm guitar 100%
3) Tone-ally stand out
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