I got myself a TOA Made In Japan Waterproof abrasive 1000 grit sandpaper, it's on my hand right now, and I don't know should I sand down my sticky poly maple neck with it or not... I tried lemon oil with rag it didn't help much.. now I'm hesitating because I've never sand a neck and I don't know is it really going to make a huge difference or not in terms of smoothness, was wondering, is it possible to just do it extremely softly and still have the gloss but smoother and doesn't damage the finish? or no matter how soft I do it it's just going to ruin the finish..? and if I start sanding the neck with 1000 grit sandpaper, how do I know when to stop...
You'll have no gloss, that's for sure, and you're also not supposed to use lemon oil on maple.
just go for it man.

only way to learn.

sand it till you think it's good, then re-finish it
It's over simplified, So what!

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A couple tips.

1) Use some painter's tape (or regular masking tape) and tape off your neck at the head and body to get nice clean lines.

2) Use a scotchbrite pad instead of sandpaper. It won't take very long to do the job, but it won't really take much of the finish off. What it will do is give you the feel you're after -- and if you like it you can then do sandpaper and actually remove the finish.

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