Can someone give me a review on this and let me know how it play. Not really a review, but just some in-sight, i recently bought one, kinda blindly, and was just wondering about it.

I want to know how far the strings are apart, i know the mm specs, but that doesn't tell me much, i used to play quite a few years back and could because i have huge fingers. And i just **** everything up. I'm pretty sure they aren't that close, i currently have a 4 string. and im hoping it isn't too much closer that what that's at.

Also sound, my 4 string i have now has passive pups. I've never really played around with active pups, so im not too sure what to expect sound wise. I know you can get a lot more out of the sound using active, or so i've heard.

Anything else that i should be aware of as a first time 6 string player?
I have one. I love how it plays. The string are rather close so it's hard to play slap style without getting used to it, but it's not impossible. Its a very sturdy instrument, but I recently had to have my input jack replaced after only a month or so of having it.

I hate how it is a bit neck heavy, so tapping is a bit of a pain when you're using two hands; however, it might just depend on how you sit with it.

The pre-amp is my biggest qualm. I LIKE the sounds it produces, but none of them I really love, if you know what I mean. I heard that the pre-amp is whats holding it back. It can get a really good fat bassy church sounds and also hold a good high end clank for metal, so it has a good spread. I just wish that I could get a bit more low mid oomph and rumble.

Also, next time you might consider asking about an instrument before you buy it. Just some advice. Though I don't expect you will be upset with this bass at all.
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I had one (well, that's to say, I had the FM version).
I quite liked the sound, it was rather nice, nothing really unique, just a pretty clean sounding bass. The neck was rather thick, but I didn't mind. The bass was rather heavy as well, so you better have a good strap for it .

My biggest problem was that I just couldn't get along with the string spacing. I'm so used to the slightly wider spacing on my other 6-string. You might like it, though, you'l just have to see if the bass fits you as a player.
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Yeah ill have to ask next time, but i saw and i was like shit i want that. Thanks for the replies, cant wait for it to come now.
I played the 204 a few times, really nice bass. The neck is a little thick, but it's all good.