It's a song I wrote recently.


I'm walking down the highway
I hardly break a sweat
the dogs they are behind me but
they can't smell me yet

tell me love

I don't know
what finished first
was is the blues or
was it my thirst?

tell me love

poor little dragonfly
fell in love with the stars
poor little dragonfly
fell in love with the stars

the snake is in the long grass
my heart is chasing dusk
I don't know if I love you babe
or if it's all my lust

tell me love

do you really feel that way
or are you just playing?
I don't know if you love me babe
or if it's all in vain.

tell me love

poor little dragonfly
fell in love with the stars
poor little dragonfly
fell in love with the stars
I like this I would suggest taking the poor little dragonfly "verses" turn that into the bridge
also what would be a good chorus is the do you really feel that way "verse." This sounds like it can have a really good rythem with the tell me love part.
I have so much pain hiding inside.That half the time I can not wait to get home and cry

If only he knew how much he meant to me. I just keep repeating the same Ole story.

Don't fall in Love with someone you cant afford to lose. I wish I would of known that sooner cause him I wouldn't choose.

We use to be so close so inseparable. The first time we kissed... it was incredible.

It sucks when you think you know somebody, and there not like that at all. I thought he was going to be the person to catch me when I fall.

Believe it or not, I did fall and nobody was there. I was there for him, i just thought it wasn't fair.

When i saw male and female friendships on sitcoms and movies....I always thought that would be great to have......but how could it be?

That two friends of the opposite sex are so close, and don't want to have sex.

Then I met him, and for a Hot minute I thought it was possible. But as time went on I found out it was impossible.

I just wanted to be his friend...But NO, I had to fall in love, I had to feel the pain. I had to cry and be depressed, the confidence I had to regain.

And after all that, it took along time for me to realize that things were never going to be the same..

Because of him love songs and love ballads all the sudden made more sense. I need to stop living off the past and how things USE to be and face whats in front of me, its commonsense.

One thing that I would ALMOST give anything in the world. Is to be inside his mind for one day, I would be one satisfied girl.

I wouldn't even care if it hurt me, I wouldn't even care if he never talked to me, as long as I knew the truth about how he feels..all I want it somebody who is real.

I hope loosing him wont be all that bad. Even though its going to take awhile to replace what we have..well, actually more like what we had.

I don't even think he realizes what we had was such a good thing....It seems like to him everything we had....all the sudden turned into nothing..
@jamesford - That was amazing.

@Confusius - Pretty good lyrics, to me the dragonfly part seems out of place, but what do I know, I'm not a song writer ._.