Hi guys!

Say hello to my new(ish) telecaster!

As you can see, it has one telecaster pick-up under the neck, and a humbucker by the bridge.

I really like this set-up, but my only problem is (this is a parts guitar, by the way) that the pickups don't really match too well.

So, I want to change them out.

It's not an active ready guitar, so I'd prefer two passive pickups.

I want a nice clean tone, but also a nice heavier tone. Overdrive, distortion, etc.

I was thinking of EMGs, but I wouldn't know what kind to get.

Open to any suggestion. Videos of the pickups in use would be excellent, if you could find them.
On a mission...to not suck at guitar.
have you looked at DiMarzio? there's a pretty cool pickup selector on the site that will suggest the pick ups best for your guitar, guitar material, music etc.
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Passive EMGs suck, whats you budget?
$200 can get you bare knuckle pickups, they're literally the best pickups around but Seymour Duncan's or dimarzio would do good too.
Around $200, actually.

And nah, I've not really looked into DiMarzio or seymour duncans.

That's cool about the selector, though! I'll have to check that out.
On a mission...to not suck at guitar.