So last night I posted this in The Pit and was sent to you guys for help
So today when googling for a way to model different pickups I found out about VST plugins and such, I'd like to use Shred 1.06 by AcmeBarGig with Reaper, but my only way to connect my guitar to the computer is through my Line 6 PODx3.

My question is this, is it possible to simply use the POD as a connection between the guitar and PC while using the amp modeling from Shred?

I'm still trying to figure out how VST plugins work so if I've missed something glaringly obvious be a gent and point me in the right direction

If I didn't explain my question clearly or didn't provide enough information let me know
Thanks in advance!

Like I said above, I'm looking for way to just use the POD as a connection between the guitar and computer, while using the amp modeling from Shred with Reaper.

The recordings forum is a little slow, so double posting won't get you a faster response. Look up tutorials on youtube, even check out Odirunn's metalcore tutorial to help you learn how to use VST's in reaper.
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Hey I have a Pod X3 as well, I figured I'd save you some hassle and tell you that I use the Line 6 Pod X3 as simply a clean connection to Reaper by simply turning off all effect and amps, or by just going to the "Tuning Mode" (hold the tap button for a while)
You can run an empty chain on your Pod X3 and load up the amp sim in your DAW. But you're going to need to load a cab impulse after that. Do a search in the forum for impulses.
Thanks for all the replies, they were very helpful! Seems to all be working the way I wanted now I appreciate the help!