I saw a similar kind of thread but it was last posted in over a year ago, so I wasn't sure if I was to bump that one or not (plus, it's not the exact same subject, only similar). Hopefully this is alright.

What albums changed the way you listen to music and how? This could be a positive and/or a negative change (good albums and bad albums).

Here are some examples

My Bloody Valentine-Loveless: Changed how I paid attention to layering in music and how different song writing is to song execution.
Serge Gainsbourg-Histoire de Melody Nelson: Changed how I looked at concept albums. They don't have to be long and daunting. This concept album is short, sweet and just what it needs to be.
Eminem-Encore: Made me appreciate his older albums more and made me realize the difference between good rap and rap that is subpar (inb4 all rap sux lol)

Alright guys. Hopefully this isn't too confusing/stupid or anything. If so, you know what to do!
Charge iPod.

Switch iPod on.

Put headphones in ears.

Click play.

No album has changed that routine.
Narrow Stairs - Death Cab for Cutie
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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Kid A, made me realise how much I love concepts and songs sliding into each other. Made me start listening to an album in it's entirety if I had the time.

Marquee Moon, made me realise just how important it is that every instrument is active and not just have the bass and drums be passive instruments as it is in most rock I usually despise.
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^ yeah I think Kid A was huge for many listeners, including myself. Brilliant album.
Also, same goes with Television. I'm actually listening to it now coincidentally . There isn't many albums like that one.

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Eminem is subpar rap though.

I dunno. I really like his earlier work, especially Slim Shady LP. Granted there are far better rappers, but I don't see anything wrong with what he was doing before. I guess it's just my opinion in the end.
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My Chemical Romance-Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Taught me to be more open-minded about music and shit.
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Isis is amazing
Army Of The Pharoahs, they introduced me to rap which I had previously avoided my entire life.
Mastodon, every one of their progressing albums has given me different perspectives to music.
Alkaline Trio, made me realize how vocals can be used to take a simple chord progression and make the overall sound of the song complete.
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Swan Song
A Story by the Earl of Slander
Cliche, but:

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon.

Made me truly appreciate listening to an album from start to finish, and not looking at individual songs so much as the whole album as a piece of art.
Bon Iver's "For Emma: Forever Ago"
This is the first album that made me stop what I was doing, lay down on my bed, close my eyes and just let the music wash over me. It may have been the timing of it, but I had never done that before. Now for almost all new music I get, this is the way I listen to it. And is still my favorite album of all time after (What my Ipod tells me is) 500+ times through.

Just recently got Tom Waits' "Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards"
Same sort of thing. It's a very striking album. I swear it's got some subliminal thing going on because since I got it, I can't stop listening to it and I can't tolerate to hear anything else.

I guess another important one would be Dre's "The Chronic"
Junior year of high school. The album that got me into rap. Now I can't live without it.
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Doppelgänger by Fall of Troy got me in to harsh, screamed vocals, which pretty much opened an entire other side to music up to me I would never have listened to previously.
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Doppelgänger by Fall of Troy got me in to harsh, screamed vocals, which pretty much opened an entire other side to music up to me I would never have listened to previously.

Wow, that's what I was about to say, also that album really is a work of art.

Also, Deloused in the Comatorium. It was the first album, and almost the only one, that I could put on play, go in my room, and just lay down and feel complete bliss. Idk what is about it, but the album is brilliant.
Jack De Mello - Music of Hawaii.

total different opinion of how orchestrations and contemporary music can meld.

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EDIT: Seriously though,

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The Downward Spiral

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Binaural took the the word "grower" to a whole new level for me. Only started to properly appreciate it after about two years.

I'm sure you remember from the Pearl Jam thread that I have loved it from the first moment I heard it. Hell, it's still my favorite even a couple years later.
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The Downward Spiral

This was another big one.

Songs for the Deaf
was also a big player.
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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Inside In / Inside Out by The Kooks.
Relighted an extinguished passion for music in me
(and also made me realize that british accent f*cking rocks)
You'll Never Walk Alone!
I feel posts with images attract more attention than posts with just text. Whether it be because it's just eye-catching and the album art intrigues people to look into it and maybe try it, or the fact that posts loaded down with large images take up so much space and are very annoying, they still attract more attention.

Both of these albums (plus a Bob Dylan Best Of compilation) started me on down the folk road, which is pretty much all I listen to these days.

I encourage people to give these albums a try (though I do like The Mountain Goats All Hail West Texas a bit more than Tallahassee)! As well as my personal favorite Bob Dylan album, Blood on the Tracks, if you want!
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made me view music differently
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Before I listened to this I was under the impression the only good music was technically difficult with many guitar solos. It also had to be very heavy. After hearing this very under-rated masterpiece I just started listening to so many different genres of music, Silversun Pickups are gods in my eyes
Probably Nirvana's Nevermind album. At the time, I was ONLY BRUTALZ METAL YO. Starting with Nirvana, I was getting into punk and even further, noise rock and such. Oh and Silversun Pickups are pretty sweet too.
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Pantera - vulgar display of power
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Black Sabbath - s/t
Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
Kylesa - Static Tension
Tool - Lateralus
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(as they come to mind)

"Master of Puppets" - Metallica (being 14, etc.)
"Leviathan" - Mastodon
"Australasia" - Pelican
"Jesu"- Jesu
"Loveless" - My Bloody Valentine
"Menos el Oso"- Minus the Bear
"Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place" - Explosions in the Sky
"F#A#∞" - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
"Doppleganger" - The Fall of Troy
"Jane Doe" - Converge
"Board Up the House" - Genghis Tron
"Clients" - The Red Chord
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", "Rubber Soul" - The Beatles
"Pet Sounds" - The Beach Boys
"Gorillaz", "Plastic Beach" - Gorillaz
"Dummy" - Portishead
"The Fall of Math" - 65daysofstatic
"Louder Than Bombs" - The Smiths

etc. etc. etc.

I could go on for a while.
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