I bought M-Audio Fast Track interface a few months ago, now i just bought FL Studio. Anyone know if these are compatible? really just trying to record vocals into FL Studio.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Yes they are compatible. Have you selected the M-Audio driver for FL Studio?

Once you have done that pick and insert on channel of the mixer. Then click record and "Record As Audio Clip".
i use an m-audio interface and fruity loops and they work fine together.
it says i need to asio channels available? do you guys know what im doing wrong?
Do you have another music program open? (Itunes, Windows Media Player, Audacitiy, Standalone Plugins, etc)?

It sounds like you don't have the driver selected in FL or the driver is being used in another program that is the only time you get that error in my experience.
hmm just tried that, i did have itunes and spotify open, just closed both of them.still wasnt working. any more suggestions? still said needs two asio channels, or how do i fix this on my laptop? it's a dell if that helps.
wait will it work for asio4all? cuz i keep selecting m-audio asio and it says it requires two channels