Hey Guys! I know I don't frequent here, but I can provide enough feedback from other forums/ebay, and I have a good transaction with dakota18101 over here.

Seymour Duncan SH-2N (Jazz) (Excellent CONDITION 13"+ of lead) - $55

Seymour Duncan SH-4B (JB) (Good CONDITION 11.5" of lead) - $45

Seymour Duncan SH-5B (Custom) (Poor CONDITION 6" of lead) -$35
- The previous owner had replaced the tape cloth with black electrical tape
- The bobbins were sanded all around (except on the top) to fit a cover it once had

EMG 81 (Quick-Connect)
EMG 85 (Quick-Connect)
EMG 85 (Quick-Connect)
- 1 for $60 / 2 for $110 / all 3 for $150
- All of them are in good condition, the Logos are a little faded.
- I have some pots and cables laying around, please tell me what you need.

Mesa/Boogie BigFoot Footswitch - $65
-In no way this is in excellent condition, and I'd barely call it good condition, but it works PERFECTLY.
-It's missing the rubber feet (all of them), one of the L.E.D. covers is broken (the one over the Solo L.E.D., however, it does light up when it has to), and it has seen some rough life.

Single Coil Black Cover (EMG Style) (Never used) $4

Apple Wireless Keyboard x2 (NEW, Never used) - $60 each
- My Dad bought a bunch of new iMacs for the house and his office and we have always preferred the wired keyboard with the num pad, so all the stock Keyboards are for sale (only 2 remain tho)
- Since they came in iMacs, I do not have the Keyboard box, BUT I could ship it in the keyboard/manuals/CDs/mouse long box (rather not, it's kinda stupidly long)
- They are still in their wrappers
- They DO work with iPads

Dean Zx Body - Kinda effed up - $offer
Dean Zx Neck - Decent condition / Straight and low fret wear - $offer
Ibanez AX7221 Body (7 string) - Decent condition - $offer

I can provide more info/pics if requested...

Contact Info: andres.muniz@upr.edu or text me 787-608-0568
-Please don't send me PMs, I really hate the PM systems here.
References (eBay or other forum userid): Click Here for a more detailed List of transactions from other forums

All prices are Shipped/Paypal'd (Although Gift option is greatly appreciated) Within the USA

Want more than 1 thing? PM me, we will work out a better price!

ONLY trades I will consider are for Reverb and Tuner pedals

International Business is welcome as long as YOU over the shipping/taxes
There's also a Triple rectifier for trade. Looking for:

-Framus Cobra (I could add cash on my side)
-Multi-watt Dual Rectifiers (+ cash on my side)
-Older 2 channel Dual Rectifier (+ cash on your side)

Could Consider:
-Blackstar Series One
-Maybe AXE-FXs

email me, we can discuss deets!
Update and bump:

Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier - Trade or $1150 shipped
Dean Zx Body - Kinda effed up - $offer
Dean Zx Neck - Decent condition / Straight and low fret wear - $offer
Ibanez AX7221 Body (7 string) - Decent condition - $offer
A few Mesa 6l6s (contact me)
Single Coil Black Cover (EMG Style) (Never used) $4 shipped
Seymour Duncan P-Rails Hot (like new) $90 shipped

all prices are O.B.O.