I'm looking at these two at the moment. Ibanez ARZ 800 or LTD EC 400 or maybe 1000.

Does anyone have any experience of both or either? Is the extra few hundred quid for the EC1000 really worth it over the 400?

I'm a metal player, nothing too heavy though.
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Judging from how they look on paper, I'd actually expect the ARZ to sound a little better for modern metal.

If you're more into old school metal though, the EC has more "traditional" specs.

As for whether the 1000 is worth it over the 400... If you're buying new, then yeah. New sub-deluxe LTD's are going down the crapper, compared to the old ones. If you're talking about an old one, then it's a tough choice.

Basically, just make sure it's MIK.

EDIT: ^ You realize the ARZ800 is like $800, right?
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I hate the arz800. Neck pup sounds good, but its the worst built ibby I own (not surprising as it the only MiC). Neck is fat. Fretwork was pretty rough at the edges, finish work was absolute shit.
Its got a real nice cutaway for upper fret reaching, but with the fatter neck and shorter scale I havent been going up too far anyways. Neck joint was slopilly cut with a good amount of glue seepage they just finished over.
The ibanez is about £550 here, about the same as the ec 400. The ec 1000 is around £800 depending on which version you want.
drop me a pm if you like mate

i can help yout, i have played both quite a bit recently.

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drop me a pm if you like mate

i can help yout, i have played both quite a bit recently.

PM sent Tom, thanks.
If you can afford the LTD 1000 series, go for those. It's really hard to find guitars better than the LTD 1000s for under a grand.
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I have a ec 400 vf with seymour duncans. The quality, looks, playability of the guitar is excellent. You will not be dissapointed with ltd. Either guitar can be suited for metal. Seymour duncan jb in the bridge on the vf series or emgs in the others its just your personal preference. I wouldnt buy either with out playing first to check out the setup first. You will not be dissapointed with ltd.
I've had an ARZ800 for 12 months now and its oneof the best guitar i've played. Awesome pickups,great fast neck and build quality second to none. It stays in tune better,and is way better than my epiphone slash gold top that was $600 dearer. A very under rated guitar and i'd buy another 1!!!