So me and my dad are building a CNC machine. We have pretty much everything done just needs a few adjustments. that being said I want to build guitars with it. Has any one ever built a guitar with a CNC? how did you go about making it?
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I've never built a guitar with a CNC, but i've helped my dad (engineer) build parts with one. That would be a really great way to get a precise body, and you'll be able to get a little fancier without the added headache of cutting out a "marshall metal" looking guitar.
Good luck!
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I used a CNC to build my body. I had to have someone create the program for me. I just couldn't figure it out. The CNC I had access to, nobody knew how to use. I figured it out after 3-4 test cuts but truthfully, I wouldn't do it again. I might use it to build templates but I feel like I have more control with a hand held router. I just don't like being out of control once you hit start.
I've built all my guitars on CNC. It's very accurate and smooth. You can make some crazy designs and arched or carved tops with them if you know how to program 3D. But like JRLight said, once you push start, you better be sure everything has been thought of!! There should be some pics on my profile.. go check em out!