sooo i covered Rise by Vedder off the Into the Wild soundtrack. Ever since i got my mandolin i wanted to do this song. I had to change the strumming pattern a bit cause i just could not get it down because my right hand is veryyy cold and not moving properly lol


so yeah crit, comment, concerns, likes, dislikes, i love feedback

and as always C4C cause i am hungry
Hey man, awesome cover. "Into the wild" is one of my favorite movies for all time, and it is very special because of his soundtrack. You did a perfect job covering this song. Quality is good, your playing is good and your singing is the most impressive thing in this track for me. I've always imagine my songs with a voice like yours. Beautiful job!
Hey dude!

Awesome cover man, you really nailed it. Im not that familiar with the song, but I really enjoyed the mandolin, it sounded very good, and the quality in general was top notch, I'd say you did a killer job! Keep it up!
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Oh hey thanks guys! yeah i just put the eq i normally use on my guitar on the mandolin
Hey Chris!
Great job man, you are good at singing and playing together. I wish I had/could play a mandolin haha.. You also have a good singing voice, it fits the range of the mandolin very well. I don't know the original song so I dont know the strumming pattern that you couldnt do, but the way you played it sounded fine. Overall very solid recording.