hey i have a jackson dk2m with ivoroid binding that travels up the entire neck im pretty sure that my fretboard has dried out severly because there is a gap from about the 7th fret to the 15th fret only on the bottom side of the neck its a decent little gap like a thin guitar pick can almost fit into it im curious to what i can do to rememdy this OTHER then taking off all the frets and taking off the binding and putting in new binding and refretting the guitar (that would cost almost as much as the guitar most likely) i just want to know if theres anything else guitar techs or luthiers do when theres a gap between the fretboard and binding do they fill it with a type of wooddust and glue? do they leave it and just bring the guitar back to life with a humidifier or is the only thing to be done is to take off the frets remove the binding and install a new binding..PLEASE HELP any information is appreciated
Hey metal, I am unable to help you do to lack of knowledge on the subject.

However, there is a forum more suited for your question. Go to the "instruments" section of the forum, and then "Electric Guitar". There will be more people with the know-how to help you out.

Hope everything turns out alright!
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