a punch in the face from the beginning. i lke that! the section at around 2 minutes is great and I like the effects and mood you were setting with ideas going on. I'm not too familiar with Townsend's solo work but I hear a little bit of Opeth in the music which is awesome. Good job!
check out mines: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1504681
No soup for you! (Seinfeld joke) This has a slight punk flavor at times (in my opinion). It's really rockin' out. I was surprised by the mellow change, I didn't see that coming......now it's back to rocking out. Now mellow again. Back to rockin'. Audio quality is good as usual. Very good guitar playing. Drums are good. Overall: quite good! Please review my music at this link:


P.S.: I have some possibly interesting Seinfeld trivia if you're interested, if you like that show.
This is good, I like the intro riff a lot. Very energetic and heavy, just how I like my Devin Townsend. The tone is great and clear and your playing is precise. Not a boring riff in here, s'all good! Some vocals might make this better. Stoner-ific clean part is a nice transition well done there. I like the drum sound a lot, what program did you use and how did you EQ them? Everything flows perfectly man nice job on this song

I dig it man, great guitar work. Impressive mixing, did you record guitar with your spider valve?
Quote by v2a2n2g2
^ I use Line 6 Pod Farm, Amplitube, and Superior Drummer

Dude, may I please have this Superior Drummer preset? I'm a lousy drum programmer XD
Quote by touke
Dude, may I please have this Superior Drummer preset? I'm a lousy drum programmer XD

I'll pm it to you
Quote by v2a2n2g2
^ I use Line 6 Pod Farm, Amplitube, and Superior Drummer

I got Pod Farm and I can never get a tone like yours, just recently got the metal shop addon, but its been tricky getting a good all around tone. Nicely done, can I ask what setup you used? (like what amp and mic setup etc)

I used Treadplate with the Celestion T-75s. I didn't really mess with the tone much apart from adding a bit of upper mids and treble slightly
im listening
the drums definitely arent devin townsend drums, which would probably make this song even more awesome, if you had gene hoglan drumming for you

riffing is nice
clean break sounds nice. i hear opeth... i may be tone deaf, but it reminds me of opeth more so than devin townsend. like i hear mike singing rather than the dev.
320 interlude was cool, intot the clean part is cool as well, song flows nicely.
445 riff section almost reminds me of black sabbath, very nice
nice solo
610 riff is cool, reminds me of big B.
the ending reminds me of led zeppelin
over all nice song, but didnt make me think of the dev...i think banjos or planet of the apes when i think of the dev.
Critting as I listen:
-Big intro is big. Me likey.
-I like the chord progression in that second riff a lot. You have a really clear tone even on chords and such.
-The drums seem to be playing it safe too much
-That bit at 1:10 is really nice. The reverb on the guitar could be lower, though, since it kind of defeats the purpose of that start-and-stop feel.
-Nice change at 2:05. The cleans are really gorgeous and the fade-in guitar is a brilliant touch. My only complaint is that it's panned too far left, which kind of bugged me.
-Good return from the clean interlude. My only comply is, again, the panning. If it was more towards the center, it'd be more effective, I think.
-The chord progression right after reminds me of Cloudkicker. very nice.
-Nice cut at 3:42. I really like your use of cleans.
-The high cleans are a brilliant touch and really made that distorted section work nicely.
-The solo section right afterward bugs me because the panning is too extreme.
-The pentatonic riff at 4:43 is awesome. It reminded me a lot of Opeth.
-Your solo around 5:30 was nicely executed. Very clean playing.
-gorgeous ending. It reminded me of My Bloody Valentine for some reason.

Overall, I liked it a lot. the panning on the lead guitars was my only real complaint. I would pay money for this track. 9/10