Bebo was once the love-child of social networking, and even overtook MySpace to become the most popular social network in the United Kingdom at one point, but had been declining in use ever since the advent of Facebook. Today, it appears the site has silently slipped off the web.


Bebo for the people who don't know, was a popular social network which was once #1 in the UK.

Yes people, you read the title right.

Where will we send our love? Find our childish mishaps?

It's a sad day.
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wtf is bebo?

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Updated OP.

Sorry, still in mourning.
I Like Orange......

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R.I.P. Bebo.......Lykee iif yhuu crii3d

i crie evrytim

281-330-8004, that's my cell phone number, hit me up on the low
Bebo is dead...

I used to use it... when I was 11
Hugging Thread; I'm here to help

Oh you wouldn’t want an angel watching over
Surprise, surprise they wouldn’t wannna watch
Another uninnocent, elegant fall
Into the unmagnificent lives of adults

It's Tessa, not Tesse please.
It's spelled Beiber. You silly kids and your internet shorthand.
Who cares?
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It's spelled Beiber. You silly kids and your internet shorthand.
Who cares?

I expected more of a "What in the world is a Bebo" response from you Jackal, your old man responses always amuse me.
Maybe there's hope http://techcrunch.com/2012/01/30/is-bebo-finally-dead/

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Bebo co-founder (in its first incarnation) and investor (in its latest) Michael Birch also tweeted: “Am super sad that Bebo has actually gone. Some very fun times with very cool people. #RIPbebo – keep sharing that luv!”

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Hah, I deleted my account about 4 years ago.
Then immediately realised that since I lost my old camera, that was the last remaining place which stored photo albums from 2 gigs I went to.
I ****ing raeged.

Either way, no loss.
If you ever had a Bebo then you are not cool.
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I never once used it. Then again, I'm not a big social-networking fan. If I wanna talk to someone I just call them.