Link below, I suggest letting that play in the background while you read.

I used to paint these walls
And now I’m tearing down them all
And it don’t hurt to watch them burn
I used to call your name
And I’d hear it call mine back again
Whatever happened with the words you said?

They hit me hard they felt like
Sticks and stones breakin’ my bones
And when your tide rolls in
There won’t be air for me to breathe in


My dream didn’t last forever
This’ll be my last endeavor
One shot is all I've got to give
For living the life I want to live

The pace is hastening
I fear that I can't achieve
and I'll be abandoned
My passion's changing back
To symphonic data tracks
The chords I beat in my brain

I can't make up my mind
I'm changing how I feel all the time
On the outside I lie
And they all think I'm set til I die


I also just finished initial recording of music for this track, but my XLR cable has gone missing so no vocals or real drums (midi on sample)... but this is good since I'm open to changing the lyrics. Find the music at http://soundcloud.com/gertclemens/untitled9
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Wow! The lyrics are really good, in my opinion at least, it's sort of how I felt .. And I just l o v e the music ! I wanna hear the whole song .