Man, this is great! Love the punk blues vibe! And the vocals kick ass! I feel it could be slightly tighter, just a touch... I know this kind of music isn't about "perfection", but a touch tighter and I think it would have more impact!

But seriously, this is one of the coolest songs I've heard in a while!

Check out my blues solo if you get a chance too...

It has sPUNK! It's also amusing & entertaining (even if the audio quality is not pristine). Fun time had by all. Catchy melodies.
Wow this is awesome. It's so catchy, and the lyrics are really well done. The quality could be better but I personally think it gives some character to the song. I really can't even make out what the specific genre is, its to awesome to even make out. Anyways overall its pretty flippin awesome. Keep it up
i know some of the crits above said the audio wasnt pristine but i think it sounds great, major 70's vibe coming off, drum intro sounds really good, its nice and tight, though i do think the vocals in the middle section could have been mixed a little better. other than that, its very good