Whats your favorite and why?
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I know a lot of people hate them, but I love Elixirs. They last so much longer and they really aren't that expensive. I see them in stores for as much as 20 bucks a pack, but I get them on Sweetwater for 10 bucks a pack.

costs $5 more than other strings, last 5 times as long
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D'Addario was too bright and jingly for me. Ernie Ball, all the way. The coated ones.
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I've seen three of these exact same threads in like a week lol.

Balls just feel softer to me. Not sure if I like them better.
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d'addario, i really like the brightness and presence that they have.

ernies just feel odd to me.
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She will join the prom.

She insists to wear this lights.

I don't think so.

How can I persuade her?
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She will join the prom.

She insists to wear this lights.

I don't think so.

How can I persuade her?
i now play Ernie ball .46 ... i like them a lot bette rthan daddario .. But my new agile guitar shipped with GHS .. i had neve rtried them but like them a lot so far .
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ernie ball for sure. they just last longer and sound better for me..

11-54 in standard tuning for the win.
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d'addario. i can buy .11's in bulk. IIRC EB doesn't have 11's in bulk, just up to .10.

i do like d'addarios though. 10 sets $35 = $3.50 a pack. roughly a third of the aforementioned price of elixers. i had elixers once, they came with a guitar i got used. he literally shoved everything guitar related he had in the case of that guitar. the strings were certainly nice sounding, and probably do last longer. however i cannot justifying that for five or so guitars i keep fresh strings on. plus my d'addarios last me 2-3 months minimum.

bottom line, everybody has different preferences. i like Guinness beer. you may like bud light, but we can't definitively say that one is better than the other with two sets of different taste buds.

some people's fingers eat strings. due to different body chemistry. mine last me fine.

bottom line, pick up two sets of each you are considering and literally take notes as they get strung the die, so you remember. there is no right answer.
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Neither. My preference goes La Bella > GHS > D'Addario > Ernie Ball.
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