Hello, I am trying to build a custom teleish type guitar, I love the pickups on my tele but also love my Parker, I'm trying to combine them into a single guitar with one humbucker tele pickups and a piezo in the bridge, the problem is I will not be able to use a telecaster bridge because of space and how warmoth works.

What humbucker, single coil, or whatever can come closest to a Fender Vintage Alnico II Telecaster bridge? I was thinking Seymour duncan Hot Soapbar P90 but am not really sure if there is anything closer.

If needed, the body will be black korina so I can get some midground between alder and mahogany
So if I'm understanding, you can't use a standard telecaster bridge, but you still want to get a sound like a bridge Tele pickup?

Just use a bridge Tele pickup. You don't need a tele bridge, just mount it to the wood in the body.

Also, why aren't you able to use a standard tele bridge?
Sorry for the misleading, that's not the problem, I could fit in a telecaster bridge hardware piece, but warmoth does not offer the tele bridge pickup in the middle position where I want it (I feel it sounds best there) especially because I want the jb in the bridge position.

And tbh I want this to be great aesthetically as it will most likely be my go to guitar.
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