so i was wondering what are some of the nicest or ugliest fake/counterfeit and/or no name guitars you (the UG community) have ever seen are and opinions and stories relating to them.
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christ that's like blinkey the 3 eyed fish

although it'd be cool if the tuning knobs were sprockets so if you turn one they all turn
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I take it that pre-dates the Gibson Robot range?
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For the lonely guitar players out there=

Hahahah! The manequin is so little, he looks like a child molester!
I like nighthawks

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Omae wa mou

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inb4 wangcaster.

Also, the one in post#2 is interesting.
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I like nighthawks

*the custom piece of shit that he was so proud of*

day = made.

That thing is a beaut
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Here's my weird looking guitar. Handmade by a luthier. I love it.

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Guitar of unparalleled genius from Nigel Tuffnel (Christopher Guest)

Looks like it's still got the ol' tagger on it.
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