Hi all!

You may have seen my previous newbie post. Thanks to all that answered!

I wanted to pull out one of the bullet points in that previous post regarding "pickup covers". I'm not even really sure that's what you call them.

I've been in the market for a new Les Paul. I've discovered I like the playability, sound, and appearance of the Gibson Les Paul 50's Tribute Honeyburst. Man that is nice looking.

However, those "open" pickups are absolutely buttcrack ugly in my opinion. The folks from my previous said that putting "covers" over the pickups, so that it resembles more of a Les Paul Studio, is not the most straightforward process.

Can someone elaborate on what this would take, why it is/is not a good idea, and any other comments related?

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so you're a newbie looking at a gibson les paul you sound like a spoiled wannabe

I struggled with the "don't feed the trolls" mantra on this one, but ultimately thought I'd respond.

I'm a newbie to the forum. Thanks for reading my previous post.
Quote by ouijaspirit
so you're a newbie looking at a gibson les paul you sound like a spoiled wannabe

And you joined how long ago? You got issues.

Anyways, take a look at Stewmac, I know they sell pickup covers. I'm not sure on how to install them though. You could probably browse the googles for help though.

btw link to covers:

They have a bunch of helpful parts.
you have to melt wax onto the pickup before you put the cover on than solder the cover to the back of the pickup. personally i don't see it being worth the effort. this is the first time i've heard open pickups called ugly lol but to each his own.
and about him wanting a les paul, who cares?
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It's not something a beginner is likely to do properly the first time, but you can either do it yourself if you're persistent or have someone do it for you (shouldn't cost much, it's not real hard if you know how).

Since you asked, adding a cover consists of soldering the cover on (easy) and then wax-potting the cover (tricky/messy). You can cheat a little bit by not dipping the pickup in wax completely, but by selectively melting wax into the back of the cover. It's a lot easier and most of the time it does the job. Sometimes a cover is loose and will go microphonic without a full wax bath, but if you use Gibson pickup covers you ought to be able to get a tight enough fit.

Alternatively, and this is something I'd say you can do yourself, you can just change the pickups themselves. It will add some cost, but if you install some Duncans yourself and sell the Gibson pickups, you'll probably end up at about the same cost as paying someone to install pickup covers. Plus, you'll end up with a better sounding guitar. That's just a bit of soldering, which is something guitarists ought to know how to do anyway.
If I was you, I would sell the open pups from the Gibson and buy some covered Bustbuckers. Try them out and you will see why.
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Quote by ouijaspirit
so you're a newbie looking at a gibson les paul you sound like a spoiled wannabe

Pretty rude. I don't understand your logic. Who's to say the OP didn't work for every bit of that LP and earn the money to spend on whatever he wishes? I'm in the same boat. Bought a LP to learn on. Matter of fact this is the second one lol. Learned my lesson on the Sax, invest it's worth it in the long run. That's just my opinion though.

Back to the thread, I would think that just buying a new set that are already covered is your best bet. I didn't know this much was involved in installing a cover either lol. Wonder if changing the color of the pickups is just as difficult? Either way, I'll probably end up going the Burstbucker route.
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so you're a newbie looking at a gibson les paul you sound like a spoiled wannabe

and you are most likely a 13 year old jealous kid who hates on others due to finances.

just get off.
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I gotta say... I'm pretty impressed with the welcoming attitude of the users at this site. Quite a bit different than some of the other communities out there.

Nevertheless, this is a pretty serious "mod" to do to a guitar, if you ask me. It really pushes the guitar into "non-stock" territory, and isn't something I would feel comfortable doing (or even having done) to something of beauty. I would consider for a cheaper guitar... maybe an Epi or Agile or something, so I'll file this away for future reference.

Thanks all!
I get the same type of bad attitude(like that newer guy) from senior members too. So this is not uncommon here Beetuna.
Anyway I agree with the guys that say just buy the covered ones and sell the ones you have.
A good guitar shop could work out a trade labor and some off the new pickups/ for the old ones. And the end result would be better than what a newbie could do on a new guitar. I would not recommend a newbie messing with a nicer newer guitar. Find a cheap pos to mess with first before ya bust into a nice looking gibson.
What the hell!!!
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Hell most guitar shops with good guitar techs most likely have some covers laying around and could put them on for ya.
What the hell!!!