Budget: $300-$550
I'm willing to buy used as well.

Genre: Funk/Rock/Blues/Garage/Punk
I'm gonna say that good cleans are a must.

I'm gonna be using this amp for everything. Jamming, gigging, hopefully recording, this is going to be an upgrade from a small 15W practice amp.

I live in College Station, TX so I am not too far away from Houston or Austin.

Current Gear? MIM Fender Stratocaster, Boss ME-70.

Alright here's to make some things clear: Good cleans are probably what I'm looking for the most out of anything. I generally come up with my guitar tones by messing with the preamp in my Boss ME-70, and then plugging it into my tiny 15W Vox pathfinder. My problem right now is that turning it up to any reasonable volume just gives me the most trebley biting crunchy tone ever. I want to be able to make a tone in my pedal and just plug it into the amp and hear that same tone at higher volumes. I'm looking for something that can give me a smooth/clean/slightly crunchy single coil neck pickup sound (think Can't Stop guitar sound) and a more crunchy bridge pickup strat sound as well.
Tube amp

I'd say fender blues deluxe jr--find it used on cl or ebay and it'll be in your price range
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fender bassman

if you can find one for your price.

definitely look for a fender.-
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Heres some more ideas for ya.



It wouldnt be a bad idea to try a Peavey Classic 30.

Classic 30 is a great amp if you can find one on the cheap with a working reverb tank.