Well I got my Rockerverb 50 awhile back and its great at everything, couldn't be happier. Well I lie, I would like the dirty channel to be a little more tighter, for like djent type stuff. (Periphery, Meshuggah-wugah as my lil sis calls them ) Its definitely got enough gain but I feel like backing down on the gain and just boosting it with a nice pedal will get me that nice tone I'm looking for. To compare it to someone you guys might be familiar with, I'd like to sound a lot like Ola Englund, or at least similar.

No budget on this one, just as long as we're not talking insanely ridiculous prices for a pedal (like $400+ is nuts). Thanks in advance brothas...and possibly sisters.
Quote by Sputnik1
Can't sound like Ola on a Rockerverb?


It's you then bud.

Well that's embarrassing, I've never seen that before.

That Maxon gives a nice little boost, I was kind of skeptical about that pedal but after that demonstration I'm pretty much sold.
How the hell did I miss probably the two most important videos for me on his channel (._.) fail.

Pretty badass tone and playing right there, definitely replicating that as much as possible. Shouldn't be hard with the simplicity of the RV. Thanks for that mate.