Hi ! I recorded yesterday some new stuff. I'd like hear what you think of this. Also some comments about mixing, guitar and drums sounds would be nice


Gear used: Ibanez RG321 w/Tone Zone n' Paf Pro, Roland Cube 60, M-audio fast track USB, Reaper, Addictive drums, Nomad Factory and Sonnox Oxford etc. vst plugins.

C4C ofcourse

new link, new mixing
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I really like the sound of the toms from 0:16. Thick and full. Experiment with a thudding snare sound though - your current one is too weak. t I like what you're going for with that arpeggio synth but I'm not too keen on that specific sound. Contrary to sanjinator, I like the sound of the rhythms.. are they fully panned to the sides? I can't tell for sure if they are. If they aren't, I'd suggest panning them fully to open up space in the middle. The writing is taking me on the ride - do you have vocals set for this? Would be eager to hear. Keep it up.