So I recently got some money for textbook trade-ins at Amazon and was looking for a cheap classical guitar. I found this:


and was wondering if anyone with a decent knowledge of what classical guitars need could give the thumbs up or down. I would very much value your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.
I don't know much about classical guitars to tell the truth, but judging from the reviews at the bottom it seems it might not be the worst guitar ever made. Also, if you ask me, for 60 bucks you can't really miss by much anyway.

Remember though, you do get what you pay for.
if it really is a solid top, it's quite a deal even if it isn't the best guitar around. don't see how you can go wrong for the price - amazon does refunds easily enough, and they will pay return shipping if there's something actually wrong with the guitar. and the two user reviews seem legit. when shills do reviews, they generally only review one item or only items for the one company.
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