I scored a really vintage skull ring from the 60's-70's at a yard sale. it's similar to keith richards' one. Anyway, it is one size big. I'm a 12, this thing is a 13. Any tips to get it to fit?
Smash it with a hammer while you wear it, and stop when you can't feel your finger anymore
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Lol. don't wanna put on anymore weight

how much do u reckon a resizing would cost in Australia
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Get it resized if you really want. There's not much else you can do.

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You have to remake it to lessen the size. You can expand a ring to a larger size by banging on it with a hammer on a metal cone-shaped rod, preserving the ring shape as it is. But getting a ring smaller it not an easy task like that - there's not way to shrink metal while preserving mold like that lol.
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wrap a plaster or a bit of tape around the bottom bit?
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Cut a section away with a hacksaw, bend the two ends together and solder them.
It's easy.

Tip, cut a little bit away at a time and keep trying it for size before you solder the ends together.
just get a ring hugger from a jewelry shop - they are little metal bits that attach to the underside and they can just put it on with pliers (and they don't cost much)
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But don't wear a skull ring, that's really stupid unless your Kieth Richards. It's still stupid then, but he's got a lot of money so he can do what he wants.
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