hopin for some advice here guys,

I'm tryin to play some gritty blues stuff like Left Lane Cruiser and De Stijl-era White stripes. I like the sound and I'd like to be able to create some tunes in this style. Problem is I dont know much when it comes to putting notes and chords together and whatnot to make a song or a nice riff. Should I just throw my guitar into open G or something and hit notes until it sounds good? Theres gotta be an organized way to do this lol. I guess maybe some scales or the like would help with putting some riffs together. Kinda hard for me to explain what I'm wanting to do but hopefully you guys can help me out

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Idk much about guitar theory, but maybe if you took the tones of a scale, and made a chord progression over that, you'd have a basic idea of how to write the song? It also makes it easier inserting some riffs/melodies. I'm kinda new at songwriting too, so I'mma follow this thread. Hope it'll help you.
start learning riffs man, just every single riff that you like, learn it. learn the blues scale and start trying to improvise in it. for chords, you can get pretty gritty if you have some overdrive going on and just chord around with open chords, like A, G, E, D etc, i've seen jack white do that a lot