hi everyone,

i just need a small advice on what pedal to choose, the line 6 uber metal or boss metal zone 2.

thanky you for your help
The boss wins this one. I used line 6 profusely, but I really didn't like the uber metal. It is just too muddy for my taste, although it has tons of features. The Boss metal zone is solid all around, chugging to solos are all clear. If you need more low end than is provided by the metal zone, the metal core from boss can round out the pedal combination well.
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Boss if you must, but save for more top notch. You get what you pay for.
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i once had a Digitech Metal Master and i liked it.

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I have an MT 2, it's powerful and all...but trust me, it'll annoy the hell out of you. Save up a bit more, it's a question of $25 or so and you'll have a better choice.
Depends whether you're going for the wasp in a jar sound or not. But honestly, save up some more and get a Blackstar HT-DistX. Will kick the living shit out of either. What amp are you playing through?
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If you are going for a around the $100 range check out the T-Rex Tonebug Totenschlager. In the $75-100 that thing gets the best tone. Less harsh treble (wasp in a jar sound) plus totenschlage roughly translates to face melting which is just cool IMHO
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