Hi people! I'm buying a new guitar in a couple of days. I'm going at Music Store in Cologne in Germany. I have a cheap strat so now it's time for change I'm going to buy something for about 350-400€. I'm mostly a singer, but sometimes I play the guitar, compose and record and play while singing too. What I'm looking for:

1. Clean Sound should be similar to an acoustic guitar. I need this for the times when I play and sing ballads for example. Songs like WASP - The Idol and Poison - Every Rose...
2. Dirty Rock N Roll sound when a little bit of distortion is added. Like the guitar of Mick Mars on the Girls, Girls, Girls record.
3. Modern Metal sound like Dj Ashba on Sixx:A.M. or even heavier stuff like BFMV or Trivium.
4. Good looks

I've seen 100s of demos on youtube and I've read the reviews here, so could you please tell me which guitar sounds closest to the thing I'm looking for:

1. Fender Squier John 5 Telecaster - 2., 3. and 4. are Ok but I don't like the clean sound that much)
2. ESP LTD EC 200QM - 1., 3. and 4 are OK, but I miss the raw dirty sound
3. Ibanez Art 120 - The same as the LTD
4. Fender Modern Player Tele Plus - 1. and 2. are OK, but is it powerful enough for metal? and I didn't like the looks that much.
5. Vintage V100 - It's kind of heavy and I don't like the clean sound, but it looks cool
6. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus - the same as the Vintage
7. Hagstrom Ultra Swede - I haven't found enough reviews of it, but from what I've heard I wasn't 100% satisfied with any of the 3 factors, but the guitar has the looks.

So which one would you buy on my place?
Out of those the Vintage V100, though you could try a VS6. I'd get a Mockingbird, but they aren't for everyone.
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Buy a Telecaster or a "real" Fender Stratocaster. Humbuckers lack bite in my opinion (all of my guitars have humbuckers).

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on point 1 & 2 I'd say a Tele, but you don't like it or whatever, try to check out Danelectro?
though it's not the best for metal thingy.

found a dan 59 on a metal song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7bxchKuibE

they cost about 300$ btw, good price for the sound

you better check it out, i'm sure you'll like it
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I'd say a Les Paul or a PRS. Those are pretty versatile.

It's going to be hard to find a cheap guitar with all of those qualities though.
Mikael Akerfeldt has a signature PRS that has a Les Paul shape and sounds nice for pretty much all types of music. But it has a big Opeth logo on it so that might annoy you.

But I still stand that PRS is a good choice.

You could always get a HSS Strat. Or buy a cheap Mexican strat and install lace sensors. Billy Corgan uses lace sensors and he gets everything from the most superb cleans to uber distortion.

Like I said though, probably not going to find anything for real cheap that covers all 4 of those.
Thank you guys for the quick response. Actually I was never a big tele fan, but the first one.

The John5 Squier Tele looks amazing and has 2 Humbuckers. I've heard a couple of demos and it sounds bitchin'. Here it is:
and here are some demos of it:

Unfortunately it has no tone, but from what I hear it doesn't need any

The Modern player Tele has a whole bunch of different possibilities. It has a Humbucker on the bridge, one strat single coil in the middle and a tele single coil on the neck. Unfortunately it comes in only 2 finishes (Honey Burst and some Brownish) and I don't like em that much, even though the brown one looks kind of cool . I would with no doubt try the Modern Player tele with some truly heavy Distortion, because I haven't found any truly heavy demos of it and if it sounds good I would buy it. Here it is:
and a demo: