Hi, i've just bought my self a bass and i'm teaching myself.

Learnt a few songs so far, but all have been at the lower end of the fretboard and action hasn't really bothered me.

I've just attempted some other songs moving to the higher end of the fretboard, and i'm having to put some insane pressure on to avoid fretbuzz, if i'm not directly in the middle of the fret and not pressing considerably harder than required to hit the string against the fretboard i'm getting fretbuzz.

I've measured my action at the 12th fret and it's around 6-7mm - is that too high? or am i just not pressing hard enough/got correct technique? If it is too high will i be able to get it set-up at a music shop in the UK?

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Take it to a shop to get set up/frets dressed


But, i'd add that you should request to be present and LEARN about how to set up a bass. It's one of the most useful skills you can acquire as a bassist, and it's not nearly as daunting as it seems.

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