so, after a while i managed to narrow down my search for a 00 sized guitar, unfortunatly lately not a single brand is really specific about the guitars sizing, giving it different names and that stuff, but i managed my way around, i suppose the new yorker bodies get pretty close to 00

so, i have found this one

and this one

the only difference being, one has a pre amp, and the other doesn't
now however, i cannot decide what to get, is it important to have a pre amp or are there better alternatives that sound as good or better that i can get later on?

i hoped i could get a epiphone L-00 but it's nowhere to be found around here in shops and internet webstores that i know of. so it's going to be one of these, unless someone really hits a high note and shows me some 00 sized guitars in the affordable price range of i would have to say 500 USD

so yeah, thanks ahead, hope i'll get some knowledge out of this thread

tl;dr same guitar, with pre amp or without?
also 00 body sized guitar info thread