For sale here is an Electro Harmonix Holy Stain:


Condition is practically as new- only a month old with indoor use only. This unit gives you a choice of Room and Hall reverbs, Tremelo and a Pitch Shifter (which could double as a chorus with the right setting)

The reverbs on this thing are stellar, and you get more control over them than you would on the Holy Grail range. You can go from a subtle room reverb to a violensque-Hall setting with ease. The "tone" knob allows you to colour your tone however you desire. The tremelo is sweet, and truly cuts your signal in and out. The Pitch Shifter can be used with an expression pedal for some Whammy-esque sounds, or even serve as a chorus if you were to slightly detune the signal.

Not only do you get these 4 great effects, but you also get the option of 2 analog dirt sections (fuzz and drive) or a clean. The fuzz on this sounds real fat, and the three Bright, Warm and Dark settings once again allow you to dial in the sweet spot in conjuction with the "tone" knob. On the dark setting with the tone up full, you can get some great Smashing Pumpkins/Silversun Pickups fuzz out of this.

Overall, this is a great pedal with plenty of features. It's worth it for the reverb alone- cheaper than a Holy Grail with more control. This unit is especially great for anyone looking for far-out sounds (shoegazers, this means you!). I'm only letting it go because I want a reverb unit with a smaller footprint on my board!

RRP is £80-£85, so I'm willing to let it go for £60 ONO + pp. Original Box and power supply included.

Also considering trades for a stand alone reverb-unit, ideally a Line 6 Verbzilla.
I'd trade my big muff pi w/ tone wicker for it, if you're up for that.

Would do it for the verbzilla, too.
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I'd trade my big muff pi w/ tone wicker for it, if you're up for that.

Would do it for the verbzilla, too.

Almost splashed out on a fuzz, but decided it wasn't really for me!

Are you saying you have a Verbzilla to trade?

Tremelo is cool, but, once again, I found that of the effects in the Holy Stain, I only really use reverb!
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I think I misread your post, thought you had a verbzilla going. Thanks anyway!

Ha, no worries!!