My friend and I decided to go ahead and record this song and we were hoping to get some constructive criticism. Its definitely rough in spots, and is anything but a professional recording but let us know what you think.

EDIT: oh yea, and I was a little out of my comfort zone on this song, I sing mostly rock usually. But yea anyway, criticism, we'd like to know how we can improve!


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It seems to me like there are three main things to work on. The first is the guitar-work: your rhythm was slightly off in parts and the switching off between open and power chords was a bit dissatisfying as a listener. Try to stay consistent with those.

Vocals: Caleb's singing sounds a bit faint. Perhaps he had done some yelling earlier in the day or he isn't just comfortable with his voice yet. Regardless of the cause, make sure your voice is bringing its A game, otherwise folks will tear you to shreds. The other thing was that the harmonies seemed really disorganized, as if Caleb and Katie's voices were fighting for dominance (with the latter often winning). In order to successfully blend two voices, you have to have them come in at different points. As with guitar, one voice will carry the melody ("rhythm") with the other coming in with the harmony ("lead"). Haphazardly singing just sounds bad.

You guys weren't bad, just new. Give it some practice and you'll be fine.
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I really appreciate the all of your feedback! I definitely see what your saying with the guitar being off, I've only just recently started playing acoustic and while I feel comfortable singing and playing my electric guitar, it feels slightly different using an acoustic.

I definitely see what your saying for the vocals. We pretty much we're just singing wherever we wanted I guess, there was no organization or pre-planning or anything.

Thanks again for the feedback! I'll be very useful if we decide to record again in the future.